Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Online Reputation Management - How to Prevent Bad Reputation

It is quite imperative to guide against bad reputation in ORM. To do this effectively therefore, you need to do as mentioned below.

erum mahfooz online reputation management how to prevent bad reputation

Create and Maintain a Blog
Creating and maintaining a blog is a great way to guide against bad reputation web pages from ranking as your brand. The fact that search engines love blogs is enough for you to know that you SHOULD create a blog for your use so that you can rank well and have powerful leverage for your brand, which you can use flexibly any time there is any recently published bad reputation.

There are more reasons why you should have a blog for your company such as promoting products and services, establishing a readership, publishing company and so on.

However, you can start with obtaining all the powerful social media account and create network links to them with your website, if all the above are not an option for you. Begin a blog and interlink it with the social media accounts and your main website. This will take more time to rank and the damage must have already been done by then.

It is note worthy that Online Reputation Management campaign or work SHOULD NOT reach the Cleaning stage as much as possible. It intensifies the workload on any Online Reputation Manager; meanwhile the damage has been done already. What is amusing is that a good number of companies that look for Online Reputation Management only do so once the damage is done already.
Online Reputation Management is about instituting online brand fundamentals and not about damage control. Do everything within your power to protect your online reputation.

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