Saturday, 30 May 2015

25 Ways To Promote Your Blog

ways to promote your blog with erum mahfooz teacher seo

The fact that you have created a good content doesn’t guarantee that people will see it. You just have to post out there by promoting it if you are thinking of how to become a successful blogger. Share your post on social media more that once and at different times of the day, inform people on your email list, use services such as JustRetweet to gain more people to your post and join popular blogging communities such as BizSugar. You must also make sure that you have all the usual social media links next to the post, to make sure that it is super easy for your readers to share your post.

Many ways of how to become a successful blogger are available. However, preserving your personal identity, thus keeping your personal integrity and style is the most important thing to consider in becoming one. These are actually some of the things that cannot be taken aways from you by anybody.

  1. Create Unique Content
  2. Write LONGER posts
  3. Share your blog post on Twitter
  4. Share your blog post on Facebook
  5. Share your blog post on Google Plus
  6. Share your article on LinkedIn
  7. Share your blog post on Pinterest
  8. Submit your blog post to related pages
  9. Submit your site to sites like,,, and
  10. Promote your blog post using Twitter Ads
  11. Promote Your Blog Post Using a Facebook Ad
  12. Bookmark Your Blog Post on Stumbleupon
  13. Bookmark Your Blog Post on Newsvine
  14. Bookmark Your Blog Post on Pinterest
  15. Include a Related Video or Slideshare Presentation INSIDE Your Blog Post
  16. Optimize Your Internal Link Structure
  17. Turn your article into a Power Point Presentation
  18. Convert Your Article into a PDF
  19. Answer related questions on Quora
  20. Submit your blog post to tutorial sites
  21. Convert your article into a video
  22. Pitch your post to the press!
  23. Email the people who comment on your blog post
  24. Link out to bloggers with large followings
  25. Republish your blog post on sites like, Business2community, and

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