Friday, 15 May 2015


According to a survey, consumers encounter regularly incorrect data of location for businesses. This is a major problem not only for consumers of Yext but also for marketers. It is a critical problem to make your business easy to find.
On the 40,000 U.S. business listings, most of them have multiple locations. That explains why the data shows that the location information of these businesses has a huge amount of omissions and inaccuracies. Across the 40,000 client listings of Yext, 43% showed, at least, one missing or incorrect addressed on the more than 50 local sites of directory in the network of Yext. Roughly 37% had at least one missing or incorrect name on a listing.

A close look at the numbers by business type revealed that Agents of Insurance and Agents of Real Estate were the most likely categories of businesses to have missing listings in the network of Yext. This can be understood since there are a huge number of independent workers in these categories and these operators move often around from firm to firm. Numerous of these agents select their houses as their locations. Such move makes it difficult for the listings to appear in regular data sources of business listing.
In addition, agents of Insurance and agents of Real Estate were, along with those of Hospitality businesses, the top groups with incorrect or missing names of business on their local directory listings. Each of these groups had more than 50% of their places with incorrect name information. For Insurance and Real Estate, this is likely due also to the exertion of dealing with autonomous operators.
For Hospitality, the issue seemed to be where a business and its local representative do not use the same name for the same corporation. Such discrepancy would appear as a mistake when comparing the different names.

Numerous top groups had a moderately high degree of incorrect or missing address data for the locations of their businesses. Banking/Finance showed the highest category to have likely bad information for location and phone numbers. 41% of listings displayed this problem. This is because these organizations use both local and toll-free numbers in their listings information. Changeable use of phone numbers can generate both consumer confusion and SEO problems.

While incorrect or missing phone numbers is likely the most egregious mistake when it comes to showing business location data; in 2013, it was as bad to not providing a connection or link to your website. It is true that local directories can be helpful in providing key data about your business so that your consumers can visit your website and this can be a robust driver of conversions if your site is convertible.

Your website can also assist in producing more of a link with prospect clients by offering them with more information on your services or products and enabling them to find easily your profiles of social media where you share more information.

Anyway, information about local business is hardly correct due to multiple sources of information and absence of responsiveness by the organizations themselves. 

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