Friday, 8 May 2015

Benefits of social bookmarking

Physically, you are not present somewhere but your presence can be felt. This is the idea that social bookmarking sites work on. There are a great deal of social bookmarking websites that you may have visited once or twice in your life but never knew that they were social bookmarking websites. Well, there may be a number of benefits of these sites but here are few that stand out:

benefits and tips of social bookmarking in seo

1. As mentioned earlier, your physical presence might not be necessary as people around you can know a great deal of what you are bookmarking through these sites. That’s the best benefit of a site like these that allows people and friends to know what you are up to.

2. What you are socially bookmarking on your website might be a reason why a lot of other websites are indexing back at you. Thus, helping you to drive traffic to your website!

3. SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is something that can be achieved just by socially bookmarking. Using some of the freely available online SEO tools can help the browser index your site better than the others.

4. Digital marketing has just been the most powerful method to publicize your work and through social bookmarking, your content can be exposed to the whole world just by one click. All you have to do is make some really powerful strategies and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Marketing can be a very effective if you know what you are doing.

social bookmarking benefits in search engine optimization

5. You need some article and don’t remember the author or the site it was published on? Browsing will definitely not help at all. So, these social bookmarking sites will save a great deal of your time. You don’t have to search site by site and the result will be in front of you in a matter of few minutes.

6. Once you have bookmarked a link, you don’t have to use the same computer or mobile to access that link again. Just a device with a working internet connection will do wonders for you.

7. Want to make new friends? These sites will do it for you. There are a lot of people around the globe that use these social bookmarking websites. By just logging into these sites will allow you to know people with same interests, country, educational background and a lot more. Social circle is what you call it!

8. Social bookmarking can help you with making your website rank better and better with the time. The more people build interest in your tags and bookmarks, the more popularity your site will gain in the globe.

top high pr social bookmarking sites usefull in seo

9. Some of the most popular social bookmarking websites are below:
·         Reddit
·         Digg
·         Stumbleupon
·         Pinterest
·         Delicious

10. Time is money and money is important. Someone said it right! Social bookmarking websites let you make bookmarks and tags and what gives you in return is a lot of time that you might have wasted in searching the internet that can easily be accessed using these websites.

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